The Real Life Hub consists of a series of training facilities and social businesses including an onsite car wash, kiosk and salon, as well as lawn mowing, home maintenance and removal services which provides opportunities for people with disability to develop life, education and employability skills to build their capacity to live more independent lives.

Real Life Social Enterprises provides a simulated “real life” work and learning environment for NDIS participants in the Illawarra and South Coast Regions, with the primary purpose of helping people with disability learn the skills they need to live independently, and/or to successfully transition into education, further training or into meaningful mainstream employment. It is important to note that Real Life Social Enterprises creates pathways for people with disability to achieve their personal goals, learn skills and build capacity – and is not a direct employer.

These simulated training facilities and social businesses provide “real life” training, skill development and work experience onsite to support people with disability to build their individual capacity, based on their individual goals. Part of this includes one to one mentoring, regular assessments to gauge development milestones and regular reporting on progress. Participants are immersed in a fully supported experiential process to improve their individual capacity for independence, build stamina and boost productivity, and to learn valuable employability skills, strengthen positive attitude, improve personal conduct, behaviour and so that they can further their long term transition goals.

If employment is a goal of theirs, this simulated experience is generally undertaken in conjunction with our individualised Workmates Program, supporting participants to learn about the world of work – including about workplace “rules”, general workplace conduct, self-care and personal behaviours in the workplace. We assist and enable participants to become suitably employable, building their skills to turn them into preferred candidates for employers, and using a tailored customised employment approach to source suitable, sustainable employment options.

We are conveniently located at 9-11 Springhill Rd, Coniston, and operate from Monday to Friday. Our standard hours of operation are from 9am-2pm, with variations from time to time.

If you would like to find out more about a Supported Workplace Assessment and Supported Work Placements, or our Workmates Program, please email us at for details.

For further information, contact our general manager, Jodie Pryor – Email: Phone: 0422 878 747

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