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Personal Care

Assistance with tasks such as grooming, bathing, dressing, and toileting.

Household Tasks

Help with cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, and managing household chores.


Support with getting to medical appointments, grocery shopping, social activities, or running errands.

Medication Management

Reminders and assistance with medication organisation and administration.

Community Access

Assistance in participating in community activities, events, and social outings.

Meal Planning and Nutrition

Help with developing nutritious meal plans and support in shopping for groceries.

Financial Management

Guidance in budgeting, bill payment, and financial management.

Communication Support

Guidance in budgeting, bill payment, and financial management.

Social and Recreational Activities

Support in engaging with hobbies, leisure activities, and social interactions.

Home Modifications

Assistance in modifying the home environment to improve accessibility and safety.

Community Events

Assistance in attending local events such as festivals, fairs, concerts, or sports games.

Social Clubs and Groups

Support in joining and participating in social clubs, interest groups, or hobby-based communities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help in finding and engaging in volunteer work, allowing individuals to contribute to their community.

Community Classes

Assitance in enrolling and actively participating in classes or workshops on various topics, such as art, fitness, or cooking.

Accessing Public Spaces

Support in navigating and utilising public spaces, such as libraries, parks, community centres, or recreational facilities.

Support Groups

Aid in joining and engaging in support groups related to specific interests or personal challenges.

Civic Engagement

Assistance in attending community meetings, participating in local governance processes, or voicing opinions on social issues.


Support in building social connections and networks within the community through organised gatherings or events.

Cultural and Artistic Activities

Assistance in exploring cultural events, art exhhibits, theatre performances, or museums.

Educational Programs

Help in accessing educational programs or courses offered by community organisations or universities.

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