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Discover a unique experience at The Real Salon, where we redefine beauty with inclusivity in mind. Our exceptional team is made up of experienced support workers who are also skilled hairdressers and beauty experts. Our salon is a safe space of style and comfort, meticulously designed to be inclusive and supportive for everyone.

With specialised training, we understand the unique needs of individuals, providing patience and empathy in every service. Whether it’s hair, makeup or waxing, rest assured that your specific requirements will be met with genuine compassion and a sincere desire to make a positive impact on your life.

We go beyond traditional beauty services by offering assistance with regular self-care routines, imparting essential knowledge about hygiene, presentation, hair and skin care. Our commitment extends beyond the salon chair to empower individuals, enhancing their quality of life through personalised guidance on self-care practices.

Please note that if you are 15 minutes or more late for your scheduled appointment. It may need to be rescheduled.

Visit The Real Salon for a transformative experience tailored just for you.

Call 0466 494 511 to book an appointment

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