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NDIS Support Coordination Level 2 involves providing support coordination to individuals with moderate needs.

Service Provider Search

Assisting participants in finding suitable service providers based on their needs and goals, and providing them with information about available options.

Support Connection

Helping participants establish connections and develop relationships with service providers, community resources, and support networks.

Support Plan Implementation

Assisting participants in implementing their support plans and accessing the services identified in their NDIS plan.

Plan Monitoring

Monitoring the participant’s progress and ensuring that the services being provided align with their goals and objectives.

Building Skills and Independence

Supporting participants to develop their skills, knowledge, and capacity in areas such as decision-making, self-advocacy, and managing their supports.

Assistance with NDIS Forms and Processes

Helping participants fill out NDIS forms, understand NDIS processes, and navigate the NDIS portal or communication channels.

Collaboration with Services Providers

Collaborating with service providers to coordinate services, address any issues or concerns, and ensure the participant’s needs are being met.

Support Budgeting

Assisting participants in managing their NDIS budgets by providing information and guidance on budget breakdown, funding allocation, and expenditure tracking.

Review and Reporting

Supporting participants in preparing for plan reviews, providing the necessary information and documentation, and assisting with reporting on progress and outcomes.

Referral and Linkage

Referring participants to other support services or resources in the community that may be beneficial for their specific needs and goals.

Collaboration with Mainstream Services

Collaborating with mainstream services to ensure that individuals receive comprehensive and effective support, leveraging both NDIS-funded services and existing community resources.

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